static systems

Protec FM static systems are the most effective and reliable method of CCTV remote monitoring, as we design the system around your site perimeter, making it far more effective at detecting intruders. The system relies on power supply on site, whether that is by mains or generator, and either a broadband connection, or 4G transmission.

These systems are hard wired involving cable runs to cameras and pa system speakers. The main system itself is either stored within site cabins or within an external cabinet provided by Protec FM.

When an intruder enters site a voice warning is given of the PA system and Police are contacted to attend.

As well as being fully monitored outside normal working hours, these systems are recording 24/7, so any events during working hours will also have been recorded, should there ever be a need to investigate something.


  • Best Security coverage & protection of site
  • Ideal for longer term sites
  • Less cost over longer duration


  • Usually requires some time to install
  • Requires power on site, either from mains or generator

Protec FM uses cutting edge analytic cameras providing more accurate detection of intruders. The system uses deep learning to greatly reduce false alarms generated by targets other than humans and vehicles, such as animals or moving objects, vastly improving efficiency and effectiveness. Please see our demo video below to show how this works.

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