Construction CCTV

Construction CCTVCyber Eye Tower Cameras are usually powered by site generators as they run through the normal working day Monday – Friday, charging up an internal battery pack which the system will run from out-with normal work hours. Cyber Eye Tower Cameras can also be adapted to be totally self-powered by using a combination of solar & fuel cell technology.

These systems generally transmit via 3G / 4G. When an intruder enters site a voice warning is given of the PA system and Police are contacted to attend.

The system can be moved around site as and when may be required depending on project stage.


  • No need for mains power
  • Easily & quickly deployed
  • Ideal for shorter term sites


  • Doesn’t offer best Security coverage of site & perimeter

Protec FM uses cutting edge analytic cameras providing more accurate detection of intruders. The system uses deep learning to greatly reduce false alarms generated by targets other than humans and vehicles, such as animals or moving objects, vastly improving efficiency and effectiveness. Please see our demo video below to show how this works.

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