Protec FM use top-of-the-range cleaning materials and equipment for cleaning carpets or upholstery to a professional finish. Our cleaning process removes dirt and odors and, in most cases, heavy soiling and even staining. We rigorously test any product before we use it, and select only the best, so that our clients can confidently expect market-leading quality. This applies particularly to our professional leather-cleaning service, which leaves leather not just clean but protected against drying and cracking.

Our service is efficient and flexible. Because the drying time for carpets and upholstery is around eight hours, disturbance to your workplace is minimal; we can work out with office hours and can either remove or work around office furniture as needed.

Our expert technicians can come and view any carpet or upholstery before cleaning, if required. Because we do not want you to waste money on treatments that are likely to disappoint, we will always give our honest opinion on how well a carpet may turn out after cleaning. If we believe a carpet is beyond restoration by cleaning, we will advise against having the work done.

To find out more about our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning service please call 03331 111 999 to speak to one of our team or alternatively email

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