Event / VIP Security protec fm

Event / VIP Security protec fmProtec FM provide highly trained event Security staff to a number of different clients for example at a football match or concert, whether this be to assist with crowd control or to monitor car parks.

Our event security officers will always arrive in plenty of time before the start of a shift to be fully briefed on the event. Even if this is a regular event such as a car park for a football match, due to roadwork’s surrounding the area, the assignment may change slightly, or there may be different measures put in place from the normal procedures.

With Protec FM you will have peace of mind that you now have a company that takes crowd safety very seriously and doesn’t just look at the event itself but takes into account surrounding areas and how this may affect the event. At Protec FM we always carry out a thorough pre-event check.

To find out more about our Event Security services please call 03331 111 999  to speak to one of our team or alternatively email info@protecfm.co.uk

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